Your number one choice in professional lighting.

The Sylvania brand is synonymous with quality lighting. With a solid foundation of 40+ years in the Australian market, Sylvania understands the science of lighting and what is required to provide our clients with innovative and functional lighting solutions.

Sylvania are a designer of highly engineered and professional roadways, mining, sports floodlighting and industrial lighting products and services. Sylvania's established reputation is built on a century of expertise in lamps and luminaires.

Today, Sylvania is dedicated to ensuring roadways, major infrastructure projects, industrial complexes and sporting facilities are delivered the very best lighting solution for the desired application. Government councils, energy authorities and major infrastructure firms are amongst the many who consult with Sylvania to deliver the right lighting solution for their application. As such, we pride ourselves in offering complete, customised solutions for our customers.

As technology and the internet of things continues to develop, Sylvania continues to create leading-edge products which adhere to the highest production standards, delivering exceptional service and leading the market in the integration of smart technologies into public lighting infrastructure. Our focus remains steadfastly on maintaining high product quality, designed for customers’ needs and ensuring what we deliver promotes savings in energy consumption, sustainability and reductions in operating costs.

The No.1 Choice

for street, sportsfield and commercial/industrial lighting, Sylvania has a solution for you


Comprehensive Range

across LED, halogen, CFL, HID and incandescent


High Quality

high spec, technologically advanced products at competitive prices



96% of contractors trust Sylvania for its compliance with Australian Standards*



at the core of every product we make and sell. Performance today and tomorrow, and every day.


9 out of 10 contractors

surveyed consider purchasing Sylvania products*