Diginet Sitara.

Simple, smart and affordable

Lighting Control for every Australian home

Experience the personalisation and luxury of lighting controls in your home 


Wirelessly control your lighting, and create moods, scenes and schedules.


Get started for less than the cost of a smartphone


Choose to control your lighting from a smart device, a voice assistant, or a wall switch
Diginet Sitara allows you to control the lighting in your home via your smart device, voice assistant, or at the wall.

Once installed, control and personalization of your lighting is child’s play. Set different lighting moods, scenes and schedules effortlessly using the free app, and light up your home, your way.

It’s simple -start with one or two rooms and expand as you desire.


Match lighting to your mood

Create the right mood, in the right room at the right time. Every time. Its your home, light it the way you wish, with the lighting you choose. Simply and easily.

Take a holiday. No worries

Sitara’s Smart scheduling makes your home safe and secure, even when you’re not home. Sitara automatically controls your lighting to provide that lived-in-look, inside and out.

Control at your fingertips

The free App works on your smartphones and tablets, providing freedom and complete control for all home occupants, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

Your voice in command

Amazon Echo and Google Home voice control of your Diginet Sitara lighting system is possible now, giving you multiple control options.


It's your home. Light it your way.

Diginet Sitara allows home owners to choose the downlights, pendants, wall lights, outdoor lights and lamps they want in their home.

Unlike other systems which force you to purchase expensive ‘smart globes’ or ‘smart lamps’, Sitara provides homeowners freedom in lighting choices.


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