Australia's home of lighting control innovation.
Our ethos: make life easier with smart solutions that offer "State of the Art Simplicity™"

The significant shift from conventional lighting to LEDs over the past few years has presented major challenges – both in the way lighting is controlled and in the compatibility of the technology. Diginet helps you overcome these challenges with intelligent lighting systems and first-to-market technologies that revolutionise the way lighting — and LEDs and emergency lighting in particular — is controlled.

Diginet is a premium lighting control systems brand. Extensive engineering, development and technology innovation is provided by the Diginet team at Gerard Lighting. 

Our products include hardware, software and core technology for both networked and standalone lighting control systems. And all are future-ready for the Internet of Things.

In its short history, Diginet has already become a leading category innovator with our RAPIX™ Addressing system winning the prestigious international.

More than 30 years in control systems training for installers and end users, with a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on education.
  1. We make lighting simpler to design, easier to install and faster to commission
  2. Our solutions are designed in Australia
  3. Our team of industry experts understand your needs
  4. We offer Innovative features, first to market technology
  5. We’re thinking ahead and our products are “Future ready” for the IOT 
  6. Compliance to international standards, accessibility and inter-operability are at the core

The journey continues and with the development of innovative products and services together with the encouragement of our key supply partners and continued support of our loyal customers, we at Diginet see a positive IoT future.

1. DALI Compliance

All Diginet products are designed to meet and exceed international standards for accessibility and interoperability.


2. Ease of Installation

Our ethos: to make life easier with smarter solutions that offer "State of the Art Simplicity™".

3. Designed and supported locally

Diginet products are designed and developed in Australia by industry experts who understand local needs.